Flat Fee MVP

Over the past decade we’ve been recruiting and managing software developers to build amazing products. Our teams have built everything from the first Android application to one of the most widely used trouble ticketing systems in the world. Today we’re leveraging that experience to help our clients build minimum viable products (MVPs) in 90 days or less or our work is free.



Before starting your MVP is often makes a lot of sense to develop your brand story. For a fixed fee of $10,000 our Brand Manager will work with you to build your brand and brand story.



Once you’ve built your brand and brand story it is time to determine what your MVP will include. For a fixed fee of $10,000 our Product Manager will work with you to build a 90 day MVP scope of work.


90 Day MVP

With your MVP scope of work in hand we’ll assign a product manager, lead developer, and two developers to your project and complete your MVP in 90 days for $300,000 +2% revenue royalty for three years.