Sumo Coworking

The Sumo offices are located in the heart of the Dallas Design District; however, we've got a LOT more room than we can use ourselves. If you need a desk or an office for your startup we'd be happy for you to join us. The building is all on one level and has more than 2,000 square feet of common space including a fully stocked kitchen, two conference rooms and three seating areas. We've also got an insert video studio if you need that sort of thing. Take a look at the floorplan below and feel free to stop by to take a look around. 

No1 Open Office • $500/mo.;  No2 Open Office • $500,  No3 Open Area • Occupied, No4 Open Area • Occupied, No5 Open Area • $3,000, No6 Office • $500, No7 Office • $500, No8 Office • $500,  No9 Office • $3,000, No10 Open Office • $600, No10+ • 1,200, No 11 • $900, No12 • $400, No13 • $500, No14 • $840, No15 • Occupied.