I’ve worked with Alexander setting up my first business relationship at eBay, then Longboard and Bazaarvoice. Alexander is an exceptional leader and entrepreneur with a pragmatic and direct approach towards building companies. His balance and aptitude towards managing a team always apparent. I strongly recommend Alexander and hope to continue crossing paths for years to come.
— Jim Barkow, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur



For well over 15 years, Alexander has played a significant role behind the growth of innovation and entrepreneurship in North Texas. Through his knowledge, hard work, and creative leadership, Alexander developed collaborative organizations supporting the development of entrepreneurs and events for promoting success and facilitating networking. He has also advised numerous entrepreneurial companies and assisted with their formation, growth, and development.

— Larry Calton, NTEC

Alexander is one of the brightest people I know. A true entrepreneur and visionary, he is able to see business opportunities in the midst of dynamic/chaotic markets and quickly build a business to take advantage of those opportunities. He has a considerable track record of success. I view him as a trusted advisor and confidante who brings passion and leadership to all endeavors. Highly Recommended!

— Scot Brenton, DEll

Alexander is one of the most impactful entrepreneur in DFW and Texas. He has been a mentor, guide and has helped countless aspiring entrepreneurs in the metroplex and beyond. I've personally benefited from his advice many times and he has been very generous in sharing his thoughts at many different events including MIT enterprise forum events which I organized. He has a sharp eye for business opportunities, plenty of execution experience and a great work ethic. You will love working with him!

— Babar Bhatti, MIT

Alexander is a proven leader in the tech world, having started and grown Architel and ShopSavvy, and then taking them through successful exits. His vision and operational acumen are second to none, and any venture he is involved is bound to flourish.

— Eddy Badrina, Buzzshift


Alexander is an invaluable asset to our growing Dallas entrepreneurial ecosystem. He played a large role in bolstering a core group of entrepreneurs at a critical time in the development of our community. Beyond things such as Startup Happy Hour, which he helped start and which he has hosted for years at his office, he goes out of his way to meet with entrepreneurs to give them feedback and support. He actively engages with multiple Tech Wildcatters alum companies, as well as other startups in the region. On top of all of that, he is Co-Founder and CEO of a game-changing company. I'm lucky to call Alexander a friend and I know that the Dallas startup scene would have been drastically different if he hadn't put forth such a large and sustained effort to make Dallas a place where startups can thrive.

— Stewart Youngblood, Capital One

Alexander is at the epicenter of entrepreneurship in Dallas and in Texas. Few people have done more to develop and cultivate a start-up community and start-up culture for the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex. He generously lent his time, advice, and resources to the Traxo team when we first launched the business. Alex is truly a top caliber entrepreneur with passion, insight and who has been there and done that many times over.

— Andy Chen, Match.com

Alexander brings insight, thoughtfulness, and intellect ... especially to business in the start-up or ramp-up phases. Alexander is highly skilled in seeing the strengths inherent in a model, and connecting dots not always obvious. Further, Alexander quickly zeroes in on weaknesses and risks inherent, and offers constructive advice how these issues might best be mitigated. Any team that Alexander is the part of, is stronger as the result.

— CD Shamburger, Jr., CPA

Alexander has shown excellent business judgment and has brought concrete strategic and tactical directions to the the companies that he has run and to the boards where he has served as a director. Alexander is a sought after speaker at prestigious universities across the nation. Alexander’s industry experience and forward thinking have combined to make him a thought leader among entrepreneurs.

— Chan Brian, COO Agilemesh